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Boomer Video + Boomer Audio for $37

Boomer Video v5.0

Product Info

Create Flash web Buttons, Logos, Banner Ads or Slideshows for your Website.
Make presentations: Panning, Fade-in, Fade-out, Transitions, Carousel and more, all the effects you need to produce fast and clean presentations.
Convert images: Any static or animated GIF, JPEG, AVI, BMP and PNG to the Flash format.
Audio linkage: Use the playback feature to replace your Media Player.
Create Flash movies taking advantage of the new Flash MX compression technology.
Produces at your option a complete web page with the necessary HTML code generated by Boomer Video.
Faster load times, smaller file sizes, more security for the authors, and a free format unlike other formats, you can never be charged for its use. What are you waiting for ?


Buy Now $29.95
Use a working email address to register the product. The download link for the registered version will be sent by email.

Download Trial

Download Boomer Video v5.0 Trial
Free 10 days trial. In this limited version the playback controls and the link capabilities have been disabled and all the links point directly back to Segon purchase page. Functionality is totally restored in the registered version.


See Interface
Dialog based interface, intuitive to use.

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