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Boomer Video + Boomer Audio for $37


Multimedia and Flash Tools

Boomer Audio 5.0

Free Trial
Buy $19.95
Add streaming audio to your web pages that works at 56Kbps.
Convert your WAV and MP3 files seamlessly just drag and drop them into Boomer Audio and convert. With Mp3's just right click and convert. Produces at your option a complete web page with the correct HTML code generated by Boomer. Faster load times, smaller file sizes, and a free format unlike other formats, you can never be charged for its use. (more info)

Boomer Video 5.0

Free Trial
Buy $29.95
Convert any static or animated Gif, Jpeg, Avi, Bmp, and Png to the Shockwave Flash format. Create Flash Web Buttons, Logos, Banner Ads and Slideshows for your Website. Make dynamic presentations: Panning, Fade-in, Fade-out, Transitions, Carousel effects and more. (more info)


Free Trial
Buy $9.95
The easiest tool in the world to have Flash™ design on your web pages.
It will convert any static (one picture) or animated GIF (many pictures that are called frames) to the SWF format (Shockwave) which is the format for the FLASH™ Movies. (more info)
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